Why Should I Buy My Hearing Aids From Finally Hear?

Our team has been in the hearing aid industry for over fifteen years!  Our goal is to provide the 48 Million Americans who suffer from hearing loss, with a good quality solution for a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids.

Should I Check My Hearing With An Audiologist Before Buying?

While it’s true that different people have different levels of hearing loss, it's not required to use hearing aids programmed specifically for your hearing loss. Our hearing aids come with up to 4 channels or settings. They also feature digital chips that eliminate all the unnecessary background noise no matter your hearing loss level, allowing you to hear in many environments.  

Are Your Hearing Aids FDA Registered?

Yes, FinallyHear only carries FDA registered hearing devices. All of our hearing aids are Medical Prosthetic Devices classified as Class I.  FDA classification is risk based, that is, the risk the device poses to the patient and/or the user is a major factor in the class it is assigned. Class I includes devices with the lowest risk and Class III includes those with the greatest risk.

Does Finally Hear Have Physical Stores?

No we don't.  By selling our hearing aids online only, we eliminate many unnecessary costs and pass the savings on to you. This also gives us the ability to service customers nationwide.

Can I Wear My Hearing Aids with Reading Glasses?

Yes you can.  Our hearing aid molds have been designed with this in mind, working seamlessly with both reading and sunglasses. 


Are These Real Hearing Aids or Just Amplifiers? 

All of our devices are 100% digital hearing aids.  They are very similar to hearing aids you would purchase from your local retail clinics, selling for thousands of dollars more.

Which Of Your Hearing Aids Is Best For Me? 

All of our hearing aids are designed to work for different hearing loss needs.  Our Mid-Level Hearing Aids (LINK 2), is designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.  Our more Advanced technology (SONIX RC) has all of the bells and whistles along with a more advanced processing system.  This gives you better performance that can easily adapt to more difficult environments such as restaurants and concerts.  

Why Can't I Buy Just One Hearing Aid? 

99% of all hearing loss occurs in both ears, so it's suggested all customers wear both Left and Right aids for maximum benefit. Since our binaural pricing model is so inexpensive, selling one hearing aid simply would not be cost effective offering our customers little to no savings.  If you're in a special circumstance where you only need one hearing aid (you only have use of one ear), then you could always use the second hearing aid as a back-up.     

Are Your Hearing Aids Bluetooth Compatible? 

We've discovered that the Bluetooth option adds a much higher price tag to hearing aids, with little to no benefit.  Since all of our devices have been pre-programmed to fit many hearing environments, and can be controlled with just a few simple clicks, being able to control those clicks with a smartphone is more of a gimmick than a real need. We believe in better performing technology that eliminates unnecessary components and costs. 

What Accessories Are Included With My Hearing Aids? 

This of course will depend on which model you choose (some models have additional items) but all of our units come complete with these basic items. 

-Domes: Between 3-5 sizes to fit different ear cavities.
-Tubes, Tip Connectors, or Ear Tip Molds.
-Hearing Aid Brush for cleaning
-Custom Carrying Case
-Small screwdriver and 1 pack batteries (depending on device)
-Directions and Manuels


Do These Hearing Aids Come With A Standard Warranty? 

All of our hearing aids comes with a 1-year limited warranty which covers factory defects only.

Can I get Further Protection? 

For one low price, FinallyHear offers a bullet proof 2 year protection plan to make sure every customer is covered if the unexpected happens.  This special plan covers your hearing aids from nuts to bolts! 

The FinallyHear Protection Plan includes:

  • Protection period is 2 years, from the date of the original purchase.
  • Unlimited repairs of manufacturer defect during protection period.
  • Unlimited repairs from accidental damage.
  • 1-time lost or stolen replacement.


What Is Your Return Policy? 

YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED: Customers have 45 days, from original purchase date, to exchange or return hearing aids. For further information please read our detailed return and exchanges policy. 

Finally Hear Recommends A 30-Day Trial Period Before Requesting A Return! 

PLEASE READ: We strongly recommend you wear your Hearing Aids for a trial period of 30 days. Medical studies prove that your brain requires 4 weeks to adjust your hearing sense to new hearing aids.  Your hearing perception slowly changes as your brain re-learns how to filter certain background noises.  This means for the first few weeks you may find it a bit uncomfortable, but eventually you will get so used to the hearing aids, you wont even notice you are wearing them.

I've Worn My Hearing Aids For At Least 30-Days But Would Still Like To Return

If you are still within your 45 day return period and have worn the hearing aids for the full 30-day trial period but are still not completely satisfied, then simply contact our customer service department so they can issue you an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Our agents will provide you with all needed instructions in order for you to return your Hearing Aids and receive your exchange, or refund. 

-Please do not try and return your hearing aids without receiving your RMA number. Products returned without proper RMA documentation will incur a twenty percent (20%) NO RMA return fee.